Friday, September 13, 2013

Kentucky children are not stupid

For Immediate Release
September 13, 2013

LEXINGTON, KY—The Family Foundation today decried what it called "ugly rhetoric" from supporters of the state science standards. "Supporters of the science standards need to tone down their criticism of Kentucky students before they make the standards more unpopular than they already are."

Comments made by a liberal blogger and supporters of the standards who testified before a legislative committee in favor of the standards prompted the group to speak out. After the science standards were rejected by a legislative panel yesterday, Jake Payne, who runs Page One, Kentucky, said in response to the vote, "Wondering why Kentucky kids tend to be the dumbest mother****ers on the planet these days? That’s why."

Cothran said the current science standards are not better than previous standards and leave out even more science content. "If Kentucky students were as stupid as Payne thinks they are," said Cothran, "then it would be the result in part of the last set of standards we passed in this state. Remember them? The ones that were supposed to make everything better? The people who are now telling us that the Next Generation Science Standards will fix things are the same people who told us that the Last Generation Science Standards were going to solve our problems. "

"Kentucky children are not stupid. But they are ill-served by an education establishment that ignores basic content knowledge as the new science standards do. And people like Payne should stop blaming children."


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Anonymous said...

Jake Payne knows from dumb mother####ers, being one and all. I wonder if he has ever decided where he graduated from college?