Wednesday, April 09, 2014

Liberal principles about changing times that change with the times

One of the arguments used in favor of recent court decisions favoring same-sex marriage is that they correspond with popular opinion, which is why they quote poll results that seem to favor their position and why they criticize critics of these decisions for not being "with the times." In other words, being in the minority has its costs and one of them is to be abandoned by the courts.

But wait a minute, wasn't it liberal groups that up until this issue came up were always reminding everyone that one of the roles of the courts was to stand up for minorities?


Old Rebel said...

Liberals are notorious for flip-flopping. Just a few examples:

- IQ tests are unfair, inaccurate, and arbitrary, but liberals have higher IQs than conservatives.

- Nothing is more sacred than the voice of the people - except when they vote the wrong way on immigration, same-sex "marriage," and racial quotas, and then federal judges have to overrule them.

- Genes have nothing to do with race or IQ, but they do determine homosexuality.

I could go on, but why bother? We all know liberals make up the rules as they go along.

One Brow said...

What a great way to conflate the positions of different people into a simplified, easily rebutted straw man.

Ideally, the courts should protect all minorities. Practically, court are run by judges, who have their own prejudices. So, the influx of judges who do not have these prejudices is taken as a good sign.

If Christians ever become a minority, I hope the judges will fiercely defend their rights to practice their own faith, and prevent other people from forcing Christians to follow their moral guides in their personal life.