Monday, April 14, 2014

The Best Prospective Law Students Read Homer

That's the title of a blog post by Pepperdine law professor Derek Muller, who threw prospective law school students into the same pot and noticed that classics majors rose to the top:

As you can see, the best prospective law students were the Classics majors. Even though there were just 190 of them, they achieved a 159.8 LSAT and a UGPA of 3.477--the highest in both categories.

Among the rest, there is a pretty good correlation between LSAT and UGPA. As expected, some of the majors with disproportionately low UGPAs but high LSATs were in the sciences (I labeled Biology, specialization; Biology, general; Electrical Engineering; Mechanical Engineering; and Mathematics on the chart.) Among majors with disproportionately low LSATs but high UGPAs were Accounting, Law, Social Work, and Spanish.

Read the rest here.

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Art said...

Muller is drawing conclusions about biology students by looking at the scores and GPAs of those who took the LSAT? This must be something published in The Onion.

On the brighter side, the essay could be a treasure trove for comedians looking for new lawyer material.