Wednesday, July 22, 2015

My "Kentucky Tonight" appearance on marriage and religious freedom Monday night

Our debate last week on KET's "Kentucky Tonight" on same-sex marriage and "LGBT rights."


Anonymous said...

Martin, I don't know how you kept your cool. You didn't get drawn in by inflammatory remarks from the other side ("Martin is lying", etc.) I appreciated your "now what" comments: we take this moral issue to the people and educate them as we have done with Roe v. Wade (result: more people are now against abortion on demand than when Roe v. Wade was passed.) I also appreciated your focus on how the religious conscience of many is violated and aggressively attacked by the opposition to the point of crippling punitive fines, loss of job, and potential jail sentences.

Favorite moment - Rev. York: "you are trying to tell me what Jesus *would* do, I'll tell you what he ACTUALLY said (marriage is defined to be between one man and one woman)." Brilliant!

Thanks for your sacrifice in continuing to speak for traditional values and morality.

Cindy D.

Singring said...

What Jesus actually said.... Lol, that's a good one. That's about as relevant or substantiated as what Captain Ahab said.

Martin Cothran said...

I guess I missed that part in Moby Dick where Ahab rises from the dead.

Singring said...

Luckily we don't decide policy based on things allegedly said by people who allegedly rose from the dead, just as we don't base policy on things allegedly said by people who were allegedly killed by a whale.

Unless of course you're a reverend. Then that kind of policy making seems eminently rational.

Anonymous said...

I also liked Rev. York's comment that we are all sinners in need of a Savior.

When Rev. Kirby asserted that "every family is dysfunctional", Martin responded, "my family is not dysfunctional". When people live according to biblical principles, they reap blessings.

Cindy D.

Anonymous said...

Another argument that I have not heard used in not supporting so called “same-sex marriage” is the clear fact that the judicial decision flat out institutionalized sodomy. Now we have a law that supports actions that are not only deplorable spiritually and physically, but now leave other state run institutions to say that those actions are a norm according to our human nature and teach children the same. It’s very sad how far this democratic nation has fallen.

Rob said...

Every family is dysfunctional in some way. Some less so than others. I'd have to imagine living with someone who will never admit he's lost an argument would drive at least some in his family batty.

Part of our democratic nation is that we have choices. Amazing how nobody is interested in laws to combat greed, which Jesus preached against, but they're all for laws against gay marriage, which Jesus was silent on.