Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Catholic bishop prevent LGBT group from using church for meeting

Philadelphia Archbishop Charles Chaput has prevented a pro-LGBT group from using St. John the Evangelist Church's parish center during the World Meeting of Families. Since when did the Church start limiting the use of its facilities to, like, things it actually supports?

Pretty soon the Church will start refusing the use of its facilities by Muslims, Hindus, and Wiccans. The ban could end up extending to atheists and pagans. Pro-abortion groups could be excluded, fortune-telling banned, and idols prohibited. Eventually, even child sacrifice could be disallowed.

Oh, wait. We already mentioned abortion, didn't we?

No telling where it could end.


Anonymous said...

Martin asks when did the church start limiting facility use.
Obviously, this past week. The church had agreed to let 4 groups use facilities during a conference. Now they have changed their minds and are refusing to let them in.
That's a bit different than the impression i got from reading the original comment.

j a higginbotham

Always.October said...

Not sure where to put this comment (it's not related to the post above), so please feel free to move it or delete it as you see fit. I stumbled across your post "Modern Reproductive Follies" and was delighted to find that this was the blog of THE Martin Cothran. I know you because of homeschooling (have read your articles at Memoria Press) and also because of your conversion to the Catholic Church. I am in the process of converting as well (having been a lifelong Protestant). Don't know if you've ever written about your conversion experience but I would love to hear what brought you to the Church. And I assure you I have a more sincere interest in this than David Quine did when he took that cheap shot at you back in 2012 -- as you can see, I've been reading your blog. ;-)