Friday, August 14, 2015

Politically Correct Ignorance

Great education news from the Louisville Courier-Journal:
On Monday, Jefferson County Board of Education members held a work session on a proposal to add gender identity and expression to official policies on equal opportunity, discrimination and harassment.
Jefferson County has some of the worst public schools in the state. But now we can be assured that, although many of their students may not be able to read, write, or multiply and divide, they will be exposed to the latest in gender ideology.

They may be ignorant and ill-prepared for college and a career (not to mention for life in general), but they will be Politically Correct. And what a comfort that is.

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Old Rebel said...

This is a good thing. All this talk about "ability" and "performance" are elitist anyway, because some kids do better than others, and that's just not fair. So we should instead tell kids they're special for whatever reason they pick.

Rob said...

JCPS also has some of the best schools in the state. Unlike private schools, they can't kick kids out or push them out if they want to pad their college test scores.