Wednesday, August 05, 2015

Why No One Cares about Caitlyn

Drudge is reporting that "I am Caitlyn," Bruce (a.k.a. "Caitlyn") Jenner's reality show is flagging in viewership. A look at the episode descriptions may help explain what is happening:

Episode 1: Bruce Jenner poses as a woman.
Episode 2: Bruce Jenner poses as a woman.
Episode 3: Bruce Jenner poses as a woman.
Episode 4: Bruce Jenner poses as a woman.
Episode 5: Bruce Jenner poses as a woman.

If you look closely, you will notice a very repetitive pattern here. Perhaps in different episodes, he could pretend to be other things. Maybe he could pretend to be a different race in occasional episodes and see what happens. Perhaps another species is an option.

You have to be edgy anymore to attract an audience and, let's admit it, changing your gender is getting just a little hackneyed these days.

If you are going to be a revolutionary, which is what all progressives are these days, you have to constantly find new conventions to challenge, new ways to assert your individual will against the order of the cosmos. This is how you find meaning in life. It is a sort of metaphysical self-obsession that must constantly be fed by breaking rules, defying authority, protesting against ... something, anything.

Of course, you don't actually want to have to sacrifice anything for this revolutionary cause. You just want to strike the rebellious pose, drive a Volvo, and be able to repeat the fashionable slogans. It gives you all the excitement of manning the barricades, but with none of the costs.

If only there was a painless way to obtain a scar or something so it looked like you had paid a price. Instead, you have to settle for wearing a Che T-shirt. Oh well, it'll have to do.

And then you start running out of things to protest against (what is left? Incest? Cannibalism?) and you start engaging in silly nostalgic exercises like celebrating the anniversary of Woodstock, or remembering the Vietnam protests, or visiting Jim Morrison's grave.

This is why, after having been subjected by CNN to what seemed like several months' worth of sixties documentaries, we must now be subjected to several months' worth of seventies documentaries. The seventies were just as revolutionary as the sixties, but, unfortunately, the hair was much worse.

Modern liberals are really just overgrown adolescents. Just look at Hollywood's obsession with sex.
You wonder how sex can possibly be a novelty to these people anymore. You would think that they would have grown out of this by now, but no: After forty years of the sexual revolution, its instigators still giggle like ten year-old boys who just found out where babies come from.

Only problem is, they are not ten years-old anymore. All of the sexual revolutionaries who have tried for years to remake society into one in which they can pursue their sexual proclivities with abandon are now in their fifties and sixties and have ED. All that trouble they went to so that they could engage in wild, reckless sex and as it turns out the only way they can indulge themselves at all is with medical assistance.

Oh how the mighty have ... become impotent.

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