Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Fiorina first to draw Trump blood: And nine more takeaways from the CNN Republican Debate

#1: Carly won every exchange and nailed every opportunity she was given to speak, which is why she won this debate. Look for her to rise significantly in the polls, partly because of her great performance, and partly because it was done in front of a lot of people who hadn't seen her before.

#2: Trump was boring for the very first time in this campaign during the 2nd half of this debate. He appeared sidelined for much of that time. He was not the center of attention like we (and he) are used to. I don't think he helped himself in this debate.

#3: Rubio and Christie exceeded expectations.

#4: Huckabee was great but he didn't get enough time.

#5: Kasich and Walker were too bland and programmatic.

#6: Cruz was his usual machine-like self, with the flawless delivery and all, but he won't excite many people.

#7: Carson did well too. He knew the issues and didn't get tangled up with other participants.

#8: Rand Paul did better, but, over there on the left, he looked to far out of the action most of the night.

#9: The debate was at least 45 minutes too long.

#10: And back to Carly She drew blood from Trump for the very first time in this campaign. She is now officially the most effective weapon against Trump. She's going places.

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Art said...

With the exception of Paul, I heard what amounts to a litany of promises of annual trillion dollar deficits for the foreseeable future.