Monday, September 14, 2015

Is the discovery of skeletons in an African cave really as significant as scientists are saying?

Scientists who have found fifteen skeletons in a cave in South Africa claim they have discovered a new species of hominid and are now waxing eloquent about the significance of the discovery to science. They have even given these creatures a fancy name: homo naledi.

But based on the fact that they were of small stature and possessed small brains, it is fairly clear that what we have here is an attempt by a group of prehistoric teenagers who, not having a small car or a phone booth at their disposal, were trying to see how many people could fit into a cave.

Ten bucks says that if they can determine the stomach contents of these creatures, they will find tiny fish skeletons—remnants of goldfish swallowing contests—and that if they look at the walls carefully they will find primitive instructions on how to dance the cha-cha.


Anonymous said...

its funny but absaliute bullshit homo nadli is a legetmate speices of hominid u ignorant mother fucker

Martin Cothran said...

My, my. Aren't we testy. I would suggest applying for a job with Trump campaign as a speechwriter. I understand juveniles are highly valued there.