Monday, January 25, 2016

Biblically-challenged #Trump2016 campaign now making religious proclamations.

Katrina Pierson, staff theologian for the Trump campaign, has questioned Jesus founded the Church. In a Tweet today (remember, these are people whose thought is limited to 140 characters) she said:

You wonder what business a campaign that can't seem to get its Corinthians straight is doing making proclamations about an institution that has been considering religious questions for over 2,000 years.



Alex said...

While I agree that what she said was ridiculous, it is wrong of you to say that she said this "today". The timestamp on that tweet clearly says 2011.

Rob said...

Yeah this bubbled up through the twitter-verse. I saw Patrick Madrid RT it to ask if serious or still confused. Certainly fair game to ask her if she stands by it though.

Martin Cothran said...
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Martin Cothran said...


You're absolutely right. I should have checked the time stamp. I saw her picture, which is a recent one, and didn't look closely to see the date. I will issue a clarification on this.

Anonymous said...

Why not clarify this on the main page rather than just admit in comments and ignore?

j a higginbotham