Thursday, January 07, 2016

The Emasculation of the American Military

The forces of Political Correctness have now planted their flag in the midst of the military's most hardcore fighting force: The Marines. The Marine Corps has now succumbed to the Obama-led transformation of the military, a transformation already achieved in other branches of the military. The Marines could whip any foreign enemy, but now they've been forced to surrender to the Tolerance Police by the nation's political leaders.

Here's Navy Secretary Ray Mabus in a Jan. 1 memo to Marine Commandant Gen. Robert Neller:
As we achieve full integration of the force ... this is an opportunity to update the position titles and descriptions themselves to demonstrate through this language that women are included in these MOSs. Please review the position titles throughout the Marine Corps and ensure that they are gender-integrated as well, removing 'man' from the titles and provide a report to me as soon as is practicable and no later than April 1, 2016.
While we're changing military titles, what about the head of the Navy? Navy Secretary Ray Mabus? Shouldn't that be Navy Administrative Assistant Ray Mabus?

You wonder what the military is going to look like when the liberals finally get through with it. Watch them take away those nasty guns they carry around next. They're dangerous, you know.

In fact, isn't this whole military thing a little over the top? I mean why can't we just reason with our enemies? Do we have to be, I don't know, violent about it? This the 21st century, after all. Haven't we grown out of the whole macho thing that has plagued civilization from time immemorial?

Peace, Love, and Bobby Sherman.


Old Rebel said...

Sadly, it's not just the liberals in DC behind this, but the entire governing class. Egalitarianism provides the government its reason for being. W the Conqueror sold the Iraq War as a crusade to promote democracy, and Condi Rice scolded opponents of the war as being just as bad as those who opposed Civil Rights, because all peoples are the same.

Of course the US military will suffer for this silliness. Just as the USSR self-destructed by enforcing socialist economics, the USSA will do the same by enforcing egalitarianism.

Unknown said...

Women in combat roles will reduce combat effectiveness that is what the israilies in their army found out .Femail drill instructors are now in charge as well as the men.sorry folks its not the marine corps anymore.politics of the leftmade sure the first co ed platoon graduated w a short minority women was. The guide.We are now the laughing stock of the world.In training they dont posess upper body strenght and cant keep up which was all proven now they choose to ignore the results to me a marine corps veteren of vietnam w agent orange cancer its depressing .