Wednesday, January 20, 2016

No wonder Putin likes Trump: Pro-Ethanol Mandate #DonaldTrump is a conservative. Keep repeating it to yourself.

The very day after Sarah Palin endorsed Trump, calling him a "conservative," Trump came out for even higher ethanol mandates. It's about the most anti-free market move a politician could possibly make.

I'm no worshiper of the free market, but ethanol subsidies are one of the worst examples of special interest government policy. They're the government mandate version of government spending earmarks.

It's enough to give pandering a bad name.

But don't expect his supporters to back off support for Trump because of this--or anything else. He could come out for collectivized farms, an extensive prison system for political opponents in upper Minnesota, and a conversion of the stars and stripes to the hammer and sickle and people like Palin will still be calling him a conservative.

Look for Trump to being proposing 5-year plans anytime now. Prepare for bad winters.

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