Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Beshear's Bad Company II: Did an architect of "do-it-yourself" divorce kits in Louisville host a Beshear fundraiser?

Pssst! Hey, I'm going to point something out, but only on one condition: that you don't tell anyone in the state media.

You see reporters and editors who cover state political issues have to be feeling pretty bad about the fact that, with two lonely exceptions, they didn't report the biggest gaffe of the gubernatorial campaign: that Steve Beshear's campaign designated a gay couple as "married" on an official campaign finance report in a state in which supporting gay marriage is about at politically disastrous as..., as..., well we can't think of anything as politically disastrous as that in Kentucky.

If we tell them about this one, it will only give them one more important fact about who Steve Beshear hangs with that they will refuse to report. And that will only make them feel worse when they wake up the day after the election and realize they were running interference for the Beshear campaign on social issues. And we don't want to rub salt in the wound.

Well, okay, we really do.

Anyway, did anyone notice that one of the hosts of a campaign fundraiser for Steve Beshear on October 2 was not only listed on the invitation as a member of a gay couple, but is the executive director of the Louisville Legal Aid Society? Here is Brett Hall's account from KentuckyPolitics.org:
Two gay men, Jeffrey Been and Eric Graninger hosted a fundraiser for Beshear on October 2nd in Louisville. Been is the Executive Director of the Louisville Legal Aid Society and Graninger is an attorney for the Presbyterian Church USA.
Isn't the Louisville Legal Aid Society the group that is handing out "do-it-yourself" divorce kits? Well, according to David Hawpe, Editorials Editor of the Courier-Journal it is. Last month, I opened the Courier only to find my name invoked in Hawpe's column, asking why I wasn't doing something about the Louisville Legal Aid Society's "do-it-yourself" divorce kits.

Now, low and behold, the head of the organization dispensing the kits to make it easier to end marriages in Louisville is apparently hosting Beshear fundraisers.

Oh, and another thing. Remember too that there is no connection between the support of gay marriage and a lower regard for marriage itself. So the fact that one of the members of the gay couple who hosted the fundraiser for Beshear also heads an organization that makes ending marriage easier is completely coincidental.

Just ask a state political journalist if you don't believe me.


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