Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Beshear's Bad Company III: One we missed

Okay, it has been pointed out to me that there is a third member of the liberal media establishment who is going to need a safehouse. A third political journalist who just doesn't know when to keep his trap shut and who has broken the deafening silence on the fact that Steve Beshear's campaign has pronounced two Louisville men "man and ...," well, "man." Another newsman who, as a consequence of his indiscretion, will have to have his identity changed and have his family moved to a little town in Utah somewhere to avoid persecution by his journalistic colleagues who seem hell-bent on deep-sixing the Beshear gay marriage gaffe.

I wish him well--and his family too, and hope he enjoys the desert climate.

David Hawpe, editorials editor of the Louisville Courier-Journal, informs me that if I am going to mention that he was the one who announced to the world that the Louisville Legal Aid Society was distributing "do-it-yourself" divorce kits (as I did on a post about the fact that an architect of these kits held a Beshear fundraiser) I ought to at least mention that he also did a column on the Beshear gay marriage flap on October 12.

Is he out of his mind? He wants me to publicize this audacious violation of the unwritten journalistic gag rule on this issue?

Actually, I think he was being just slightly facetious (as is his wont), but at the same time he's right. My bad. I just missed it. In fact, as we now go to press with this, I have viewed Monday night's gubernatorial debate, and seen with my own eyes as Pat Crowley of the Cincinnati Enquirer actually brought it up in a question to the candidates.

Go, Pat, Go!

I'm putting the state's liberal media down for 3 1/2 stories: one slightly misguided news article in the CJ, one passable television report by Mark Hebert, and one CJ editorial--all of which, by the way (with the possible exception of Hebert's report), treat as controversial, not the fact that Beshear categorized two gay men as "married", but that Fletcher released a press statement on it. The 1/2 is Pat Crowley's question during the debate.

So I'm thinking now with 3 1/2 stories on this issue, that probably counts as "covering the issue." But it is interesting how the Beshear gaffe has been covered. Namely, it hasn't been covered as a Beshear gaffe, but as a Fletcher gaffe!

In other words, three articles have covered the story, but, for the most part, the "story" was not that Beshear's campaign had deemed two men "married", but that Fletcher had pointed it out! And Hawpe's article was an assault on the Fletcher campaign for "gay-bashing"--but at least he mentioned it.

It just now occurs to me that I am sitting here, late at night, counting it as points in the liberal media's favor that they ran an editorial attacking the conservative candidate.

Is this what it has come to? (Ans: Yes.)

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