Friday, October 12, 2007

Some in KY media indignant over attention to gays support of Beshear

Well someone go get the smelling salts. It looks like we're going to need to revive a few liberal reporters in the state's media who are shocked, so shocked that the Fletcher campaign would point out that Steve Beshear is receiving explicit, and apparently welcome support from gays.

In all his years covering politics, Pat Crowley, cheeks flushed, has just never seen anything this low. Why, how could they? How could anyone dare to ask the question why gays are supporting Beshear?

Now I hesitate to say this for fear it might send these people into another fainting spell, but could the support of gays say anything about where Beshear might stand on issues of concern to Kentuckians, like gay marriage and domestic partner benefits at taxpayer funded universities?

And the problem of tender constitutions is apparently not just a problem among some in the media corps. Over at the Democratic Party they're in high dudgeon over the fact that Brett Hall published a photo of a Beshear campaign fundraising invitation to the home of openly gay Jefferson County Judge-Executive Ken Herndon which includes the names of several gay "couples".

How could Hall do such a thing? What kind of thing? Why, make public where Beshear is getting his support, that's what kind of thing. I mean reporting on where Beshear's support is coming from is the job of the...


Now wait. I know what you're thinking. You're thinking that if the Democrats just quietly whispered into media ears that Fletcher was receiving support from some right wing group, the media would be blaring it from the housetops without the least trouble to their collective conscience (this is assuming, of course, that they have one), and would be doing everything short of patting the Democrats on the back for doing Kentuckians a public service by pointing it out.

Shame on you for thinking such a thing. Shame, shame, shame.

These are left-wing groups we're talking about here, and don't forget it. And don't forget either that there are no such thing as left-wing groups like those made up of the people that no one is supposed to notice who are supporting Beshear. There just aren't. And we can prove it. Have you seen any references to them in the media? Huh?

And when people bring them up like this and point out that they support one of the candidates who is portraying himself as conservative to Kentucky voters, it makes the media look bad, 'cuz that's something that in any other circumstance they would be covering as a legitimate issue.

So listen, before more reporters start losing their composure, let's just all forget that this happened.


Anonymous said...

We're hardly what I'd call the Democratic Party at Page One. Some of us there may be Democrats but I think you'll find some criticism there directed toward Democrats and the KDP that you won't find on other liberal sites.

Are some of us liberals? Definitely. Are we in bed with the KDP? Not on your life.

Anonymous said...

I would never vote for a gay supporter. I am a Christian and gay lifestyle is not Biblical.
I pray God will help this nation and Israel and all Christians and help all Christians to spread the word.
Teresa Thomas