Saturday, October 13, 2007

Is the media freeze on Beshear's gay marriage gaffe beginning to thaw?

The Kentucky media, which has been using every excuse in the book not to cover the biggest gaffe in this year's governor's campaign may be slowly coming around. In addition to today's story in the Louisville Courier-Journal, WHAS-11 TV's Mark Hebert has now run a story on the issue quoting Gov. Ernie Fletcher on the Beshear campaign's inclusion of a gay couple in a campaign finance report labelled "married".

But there are still no stories on Beshear's gay-sponsored campaign fundraiser with people who were part of the left-wing coalition that fought the Marriage Amendment.

And no word yet from the Lexington Herald-Leader, which is still sitting on both stories.

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Anonymous said...

Fletcher has more gays in his office thatn any other. Why don't you mention that?