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"A Day at the Capitol": Mr. Cothran's annual government seminar next Monday

I will be conducting my annual one-day government seminar at the Kentucky State Capitol next Monday, February 9, from 9:30 to 5:00. Below is a schedule, information, directions, and an application. My e-mail is below.




Crescent Hill Baptist Church (for HLS students only)


Arrive at Capitol

Capitol Parking Lot


Get situated/Introduction

Capitol Annex, Room 111


Tour of Capitol Building

Capitol Building Lobby


An introduction to the legislative process (Mr. Cothran)

Capitol Annex, Room 111



Capitol Annex Cafeteria


The “Private Tour” of the Capitol (Mr. Cothran)

Various interesting places


Student Research Project

Various interesting places


“A Lobbyist’s View of the Legislature” (Tony Scholar, The Rotunda Group)

Capitol Annex, Room 111


“A Journalist’s View of the Legislature” (Roger Alford, Associated Press)

Capitol Annex, Room 111


“A Legislator’s View of the Legislature” (State Rep. Tim Moore)

Capitol Annex, Room 111


Introduction on the House Floor (Tim Moore)

Senate Chambers


A View from the Gallery

Senate Gallery


Presentation of Certificates

Capitol Rotunda



Capitol Parking Lot

Martin Cothran, a Highlands Latin School instructor and senior policy analyst with The Family Foundation, will be holding a one-day State Government Seminar at the State Capitol in Frankfort, Kentucky to familiarize students with the workings of state government with an emphasis on the legislative process.

Mr. Cothran has been a registered “legislative agent” (which is just shorthand for a lobbyist) at the State Capitol for 17 years, and his experience and access will provide your student with a unique opportunity to see not only how the process works from the outside, but from the inside.

College admissions departments and scholarship committees like to see activities like this on your student’s record. This excellent opportunity to be exposed to government in action (they will be in session when we are there and your kids will get to see them) will provide them with a certificate of completion for your records.

ACTIVITIES: Students will be expected to attend the full day of activities which will include a tour of the State Capitol and State Annex buildings, meetings with legislators and legislative leaders, presentations by legislators, lobbyists, and representatives of the media on how the Kentucky General Assembly works, and taken on a call to a legislator’s office to see the process of lobbying a legislator first hand. Students will be familiarized and shown the offices of all three branches of government, including the State House and Senate, and the Kentucky Supreme Court. Students will also be presented before the House or Senate during a formal session and be formally introduced and recognized before the body.

STUDENT PROJECT: Each student will be responsible for submitting a report on a particular piece of legislation, and writing a short report, due on February 22. Students will receive specific instructions on how to do this, and will be given an opportunity during the day in Frankfort to find information and to complete this report.

TRANSPORTATION: We will need several parent volunteers to transport students to the Capitol and back. Any parent transporting students would be able to participate in all the same activities as the students. This would be ideal for parents who are themselves interested in government! We are anticipating the need for 3 parents to carpool.

COST: The participation fee is $50, and students should also be provided with a $10 meal stipend for the day. Students will also be taken to the Capitol gift shop from which they are free to purchase items at their own expense. Checks should be made out to Martin Cothran.

CONTACT INFORMATION: If you have any questions in regard to the seminar or would like to volunteer to drive, please contact Mr. Cothran at 859-329-1919.

DEADLINE FOR APPLICATION: Applications need to be submitted by Saturday. If this is not possible, just give Mr. Cothran a call.

What to Bring:
  • Notepad and pen or pencil
  • $10 for lunch and snack
  • Comfortable shoes (the marble floors are murder on your feet)
  • A snack for the afternoon (e.g., granola bar, candy bar, etc. This can also be purchased there)
  • Boys should wear coat, tie, dress slacks and dress shoes
  • Girls should wear a skirt or nice slacks
  • Attire equivalent to what one would wear to church

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Specific Driving Directions can be obtained here.

Note that when you arrive at the Capitol, you should park on the south side of the Capitol Annex building. There are two buildings in the Capitol Complex: the Capitol Building itself (that's the pretty one with the dome) and the Capitol Annex which is right across the way. We are meeting in the Capitol Annex Building. As you look at the Capitol Annex from the Capitol side of the building, you will want to go in the most left-hand entrance. There will be a guard station there with a metal detector. Once you are through the detector, the guard will have you sign in. The room we are meeting in is 111, which is just straight down the hall and to your left. We will have a sign on the door. You can also ask the guard for directions if you need to.

You may also call my cell phone at 859-329-1919 at any time if you get lost.

If you have any questions or need an application, call Martin Cothran at 859-329-1919. E-mail:

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