Friday, February 27, 2009

Jakes obsession with the issue of gay pedophilia

What do you do with people who bring up an issue who then accuse you, when you respond, of bringing up the issue?

Jake, over at Page One Kentucky, seems to have some need to discuss the issue of gay pedophilia, and so he took something I said that was printed in the Herald-Leader about a bill that would prevent the placement of children in homes where there is an unmarried sexual partner and interpreted it as some kind of statement on gay pedophilia, which it very clearly was not.

I made a comment about homes in which there was an unmarried sexual partner--most of which are straight, not gay--and said I agreed with the bills provision not to place children there. Instead, Jake wanted to talk about gay pedophilia, at which point I mentioned the fact that I had had that discussion before and found it unproductive because you can't talk to people about something they can't even admit it is as a possibility because they can't see through their own political ideology.

So what was Jake's response? He wants to talk more about gay pedophilia.


Make him stop talking about gay pedophilia. It can't possibly help the case against SB 68.

Personally, I think there are much more pleasant things to talk about than gay pedophilia, but let's see how many times Jake brings up this issue again.

I'm sure he'll blame it on me.

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