Monday, February 16, 2009

The Fred Phelps of the Kentucky blogosphere speaks again

Oh dear. It appears we have provoked Jake into another spasm of intemperate rhetoric. The new verbiage apparently snuck into his recent post calling State Sen. Gary Tapp a "despicable human being" while the adults were not watching. In fact, the adults never seem to be watching over at Page One. Could it be that there are no adults there at all?

Jake again resorts to the charge that every conservative who disagrees with him is a closet homosexual. Our theory (we can play the Freudian game too) is that charging others with taking the same dim view of the dictates of biology as he does meets some kind of psychological need.

But perhaps this is a diagnosis best rendered by a professional.

Jake's little tantrum came after I asked what exactly distinguished his extreme rhetoric from that of someone like Fred Phelps.

After a little more consideration, however, I am thinking that an apology may be in order--to Fred Phelps for the unfavorable comparison.


Anonymous said...

Its interesting how you try to deflect the fact that you are more like Phelps than anyone.

Nice rhetoric.

You see we adults who read PageOne can see that.


Martin Cothran said...


You mean like calling people "despicable human beings"? I'm finding stuff like that on Jake's blog. Can you tell me where you find it on this blog?