Thursday, October 23, 2008

Educators for Bill Ayers

3,000 educators signed a statement in support of Bill Ayers. Does that say more about Bill Ayers, or this country's educators?


Anonymous said...

So the fact that McCain backers have given millions to support Ayers' efforts explains the sudden disappearance of posts here supporting McCain-Palin?


Lee said...

McCain backers?

Martin Cothran said...

Where did I say I supported McCain?

Anonymous said...

lee: McCain backers?

Yes, from what I can gather without much effort, Obama has been linked to terrorist Ayers' through Ayers' "Chicago Annenberg Challenge". But Annenberg (of the eponymous CAC) has donated lots of money to McCain and other Republicans. [] So doesn't this link McCain to terrorists as well?

But only one side of this is usually put forth. Suspicious and untrusting person that I am, I suspect this is an attempt to discredit Obama through his associations despite the fact that the same argument can be made against McCain. The conclusion is a matter of inference rather than deduction. There is nothing to suggest that it was Mr Cothran's intent. Indeed he often appears innocently oblivious of such implications - in the case of the La education bill, he sees nothing untoward in the La Family Forum promoting a bill for critical thinking in science (well outside their mission statement) and suggesting that scientific controversies which ought to be explored include topics such as human cloning which are socially and morally controversial, but definitely not scientifically controversial.


Anonymous said...

MC: Where did I say I supported McCain?

Never, to my knowledge (just as MC has never said he is an ID'ist).

But there have been many exceedingly complimentary posts about Palin, and it is not possible to vote for 1/2 the ticket (which is why I wrote "McCain-Palin" and not "McCain") (and yes, I am aware of the imprecatory prayer group whose goal is a Republican presidential victory followed by the swift demise of McCain).


Martin Cothran said...


My posts on Palin had little to do with supporting Palin (although I am sympathetic to her) but rather with opposing the way she was treated by the media when her nomination was introduced.

But you made reference to posts that were supportive of McCain Palin, of which there was not a single one. I haven't voted for a Republican candidate for President in 12 years, so if you're thinking you're on the blog of a knee jerk Republican supporter then you're not reading my posts very carefully.

And on the issue of ID, I have said many times that I have no idea whether particular theories like Dembski's are correct, although I believe in design for philosophical and theological reasons. My comments have been directed toward encouraging the Darwinist dogmatists that they should exercise a little more restraint in trying to impose their views on everyone else.

Anonymous said...

Mr Cothran has written a large number of posts praising Palin's qualities and complaining about false charges against her. I don't recall seeing any posts critical of her.
Mr Cothran has written posts critical of Obama (and some about Biden). Again, I recall nothing (other than the recent Muslim post) complaining about attacks and false statements about him.

I contend that it is logical to conclude that Mr Cothran would prefer the McCain-Palin choice to Obama-Biden; only the two major parties have been mentioned at length. And of course it also seems reasonable to conclude Mr Cothran is not a big supporter of McCain - there were no posts praising him and McCain is viewed by many as a moderate. [I would have voted for the McCain of old, back when he had no chance of winning.]

If I had to pick from the Ky ballot whose views most closely match Mr Cothran's posts, my best guess would be the Constitution Party.
Here's what the presidential ballot will look like in Kentucky (not in this order):

Republican Party ticket John McCain and Sarah Palin, click here for Web site.

Democratic Party ticket Barack Obama and Joe Biden, click here for Web site.

Libertarian Party ticket Bob Barr and Wayne A. Root, click here for Web site.

Independent ticket Ralph Nader and Matt Gonzalez, click here for Web site.

Constitution Party ticket Chuck Baldwin and Robert E. Thornsberry, click here for Web site.

Two write-in tickets also have qualified to be counted in the 2008 presidential election in Kentucky: Leonard C. Habermehl and Steven K. Miller as well as the ticket of Keith Russell Judd and Morty Wayne Judd.