Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Why McCain will lose tonight's debate

Sarah Palin won her debate with Joe Biden not primarily because she did well (she did), but because the expectations for her were so low going in. The expectations for McCain's performance tonight are so high, it is simply impossible for him to meet them. The talk is that this has to be a knockout blow for the Arizona Senator--this for a politician whose penchant for negotiation and compromise make knockouts a hard thing to achieve.

Even if he does well, it won't be good enough.

Listen for commentators to be saying things like, "This had to be a decisive win for McCain, and clearly he didn't accomplish that."


Anonymous said...

McCain went after Romney like a rabid dog in the GOP primaries. Maybe he could actually act like he cares as much about winning now. Is this guy losing on purpose?

Anonymous said...

"Is this guy losing on purpose?"

Good question.

Take the abortion thing. He ticks off the base by reneging on the vow he made in the primaries (when he said he would nominate judges who would overturn Roe v Wade). Then he ticks off the rest of the country by insinuating that a woman's health is a talking point.

I don't get it.

Anonymous said...

Lose it he did. Too bad Obama isn't a Republican.

Lee said...

> Lose it he did. Too bad Obama isn't a Republican.

We have too many socialist Republicans as it is.