Thursday, October 09, 2008

Is Hank Paulson a "living god"?

It appears that there is a crisis of faith among atheists these days. We pointed recently to survey results showing that 21 percent of atheists believed in God. Now comes news that the atheist government of Nepal has appointed a 6-year-old girl as a "living goddess" in the ancient city of Bhaktapur. She began her divine reign today at the auspicious time of 11:39 a.m.

Oh, and she will be home schooled.

In related development in the ancient city of Washington, in the capitalist country of the United States, the Treasury Secretary Hank Paulson was granted unprecedented economic powers in a massive government bail out of the financial industry.


Anonymous said...

What's worse is that come January Barack Obama might very well be the one who will pick our new Paulson. Heck of a job Bushie.

Anonymous said...

Well a 30 per cent market collapse since the bailout was announced is pretty darn special.

Lee said...

We're socialists now. Sigh. Socialists think the problem is finding someone smart enough to run the economy at the highest level. Apparently, they think the Soviet Union failed because Russians aren't smart enough -- this is a country where chess is the national sport. It ain't the people, guys, it's the system. Nobody is smart enough to run the economy from an office in Washington. In a socialistic country, the people with the knowledge to make specific economic decisions aren't the people with the power to make them. Capitalism works because knowledge is diffused and the individuals who make decisions have a lot of knowledge about the situation; they're focused only on the facts that are essential to them making money. That's how a farmer can get his corn to the consumer, with middle men along the way with specific knowledge about marketing, transportation, storage, and finance, and taking certain risks.

Government doesn't have that knowledge, and takes no risks.

Economics 101. I always knew we'd wind up socialists some day, I just never would have believed it would have been a Republican president who brought us to this.