Friday, October 10, 2008

McCain's Economic Surge won't work

The only thing worse than socialists proposing socialism is when so-called conservatives do it. Here is National Review's editorial against John McCain's Economic Surge.


Anonymous said...

The least McCain could do would be to credit Hillary Clinton for lifting her bad plan nearly word for word. He wants her voters, right?

Lee said...

National Review should talk. Look through the Corner sometime and count the number of writers on their staff who were in favor of the bailout. This would have never happened back in the day when their masthead included actual Austrian School economists. This is not your father's National Review. I dropped my thirty-five year subscription last year; from most of what I continue reading on NR Online, it can stay dropped.

You either believe in economic freedom, or you don't. We have found out this past month that Republicans don't believe in it, and, even worse, most of the self-styled conservative journals of opinion don't either.

George W. Bush was a Trojan horse. Pure and simple. Intellectual journals have a duty to stay pure to their ideals, but many conservative journals began thinking it was more important to support the Republican president than to consistently defend the ideals that made America great. Shame on them.