Thursday, December 18, 2008

Banning smoking: The permissivist people who run our educational institutions are still puritanical about some things

The University of Kentucky is set to ban smoking outdoors, another piece of evidence indicating that the anti-smoking movement is really not a matter of concern for health, but instead a moral crusade. "I think there clearly are indications that second hand smoke is an issue," says UK Hollow Man-in-Chief Lee Todd declares. "And I do think smoking is a health hazard."

I'd love to see the research evidence that shows second hand smoke outdoors is a health hazard. No, this has nothing to do with health. It has to do with the university telling students how they should lead their lives, a practice it scrupulously avoids on less politically correct issues.

In a world of coed dorms, condoms in the dormitory vending machines, and taxpayer subsidies of the live-in partners of university staff, you would think the days of moral crusades were over. But, in fact, they just take another form. It all goes back to my theory that once people give up religion they create their own secular forms of it.


Anonymous said...

Smoking is bad mmmmkay. Lee Todd is a South Park character.

solarity said...

There does not appear to be any solid scientific evidence that INDOOR second-hand smoke is harmful, much less outdoor smoke. Lee Todd has been so thoroughly co-opted into the stiflng PC atmosphere of academia that he has totally forgotten his capitalist roots. Or perhaps he never really had any as IBM is not known as being a hotbed of creative thinkers. Whatever the reason, the mediocrity of his critical thinking skills is depressing.