Thursday, December 11, 2008

Manly gift ideas for Christmas

Make sure you don't miss the "Art of Manliness Manly Holiday Gift Guide" as you shop around for gift ideas this Christmas. What better gift is there for the manly man in your home than a pipe, a pair of slippers, and a newspaper subscription (so he can read the newspaper while he smokes his pipe as he wears his slippers. In his manly easy chair of course)?

Or there are some very manly shaving accoutrements, complete with badger hair shaving brush and real shaving cream, not the wimpy effeminate stuff they sell at the grocery store.

Or there is The Rise of Theodore Roosevelt, by Edmund Morris, a veritable manual on manliness which tells a story of manliness that will curl the hair of those of your less manly friends who opposed Proposition 8 and support Title IX.

I carefully followed the directions of the Art of Manliness's "How to Carve a Turkey Like a Man" this last Thanksgiving and can testify that these people know what they are doing. Not only was I able to avoid dried out pieces of turkey, but was able to execute the procedure with suavité and panache, drawing admiring glances from all those present.

Sorry about the French there. That isn't very manly, I know. I'll try to stick with the more manly Anglo-Saxon from now on.

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