Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Holiday Truce: A message to my enemies--and some others

I am proposing a temporary truce to let everyone who posts on this blog know that I am working on a post that would highlight the blogs of anyone who regularly posts on this blog. I know Art has one, and Lee and some others.

Please post the address of your blog and a short description and I will try to post it Jan. 2.

Take the opportunity now as hostilities will recommence shortly thereafter.


Lee said...

Martin, my blog is:

I'm not very diligent about keeping it up, but I am trying to change that.

Lee said...

Sorry, you said I should add a short description of it. Generally, it's just my thoughts on politics, music, and anything else that strikes me as worthy of an observation or two.

Anonymous said...

Hi Martin,

With a post like this, how am I ever to sleep before the 2nd, what with the anticipation and all?

I'm not clear if you needed this, but:

my blog is called The RNA Underworld

The main theme is RNA, with some emphasis on things that relate to polyadenylation, or ID, or biotechnology, or evolution, or me, or more than one of the above.

Anonymous said...

Has the truce ended? Can we get back to the hostilities? Do we need such a gruesome metaphor here?

One Brow said...


Should you choose to do so, I have no objection to ytour inclusion of my blog.