Thursday, April 30, 2009

Al Gore must be protected from this: Monckton's response on global warming

Christopher Monckton, from whom Al Gore must be protected, at the Science and Public Policy Institute gives the response to Al Gore he was supposed to give in testimony before Congress before the Democrats pulled the plug. Sample:
It is not true that “almost half” of the Arctic sea ice has melted – its winter extent has barely declined at all, though there has been some decline in summer, particularly in 2007, for largely natural reasons (we know the reason cannot have been “global warming”, because the planet had been cooling for six years at the time – a cooling that has continued and is now seven and a half years long).

At present, both Arctic and Antarctic sea-ice extents are at or near record high levels for the time of year – the Arctic has set a nine-year record according to IARC/JAXA, and the Antarctic is approaching the record-high sea-ice extent set in late 2007, according to the University of Illinois. There is no likelihood of a total disappearance of Arctic sea ice any time soon.
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