Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Where did that Lottery money go again?

State Lottery officials yesterday celebrated 20 years of bilking mostly lower-income Kentuckians out of billions of dollars, the vast bulk of which, reports the Louisville Courier-Journal, "has gone for education programs."

Say whut?

Wasn't this precisely what Kentuckians complained about for ten years after the Lottery was passed--that, despite the promises of the Lottery's supporters, the money was simply going into the General Fund?

Ask most of the people who served in the legislature during that time and they'll tell you the most common question they received was "What ever happened to the Lottery money?"

But yesterday's 20th anniversary celebration wasn't really about the Lottery. It was about gearing up to support an effort in a summer special legislative session to expand gambling beyond what voters thought they approved in 1988.

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BimBeau said...

And again you've decided to spead your falsies all over the place.

The Supreme Court of the Commonwealth of Kentucky on application of several State Senators, all of whom happened to be Repunlicans, handed down a decision agreeing with the Republicans --- that all the proceeds were required to go to the general fund per the constitution.