Wednesday, April 22, 2009

If you thought beauty contest contestants were dumb as a rock, you ought to get a load of the judges.

Not being a fan of beauty contests, except when they involve babies at county fairs, I can't say I have a great stake in the controversy over the fact that Carrie Prejean's answer to the question of whether she supported same-sex marriage apparently cost her the Miss USA crown. But I can't help making a couple of observations.

The first is that the judge who got on TV and said Prejean, Miss California, didn't lose because of her expression of disapproval of same-sex marriage in answer to his question, but rather because she was a "dumb *****," hasn't exactly demonstrated he's a rocket scientist.

Since when is the Miss USA pageant an intelligence contest anyway? In fact, anyone unfortunate enough to actually watch one would conclude pretty quickly that, if anything, intelligence seems to be a disqualifying condition.

A measure of the judge's level of mental activity is that, after he asked her the question, and she gave an answer, he then criticized her because she "should have left her politics and religion out of the question."


If she wasn't supposed to say anything political or religious, then why did he ask her a political and religious question?

And then, joining in the general insipidity, gay rights groups came to the defense of the judge, saying that her opposition to same sex marriage should have disqualified her. Why? Because her answer was "controversial."

With who? The judge? Gay rights groups? If she had answered the other way, in contradistinction to the beliefs of most Americans (and apparently many of the people in the live audience, who applauded her), would that also have disqualified her? It would have been controversial with them.

Most answers given by beauty contestants to questions are insipid and shallow--and geared exclusively to pleasing judges. All of a sudden a contestant gives an honest answer.

Ironically, Prejean's answer is now being broadcast all over the news programs, and you have an attractive, intelligent-sounding woman making the case for traditional marriage.

I say, let it happen again.


Mikelle Street said...

As much as i normally disagree with you I'm going to have to concur with what you said here. I mean he asked her the question as a gay individual to try to intimidate her into giving him the answer he wanted and she didn't do it. She stuck up for what she beleived in and now the media is reeling? It makes no since! Same Sex marriage activists want people to be accepting of their veiws but for some reason they aren't accepting of anyone elses!

Lee said...

But that's the liberal playbook, isn't it? To a liberal, the misconceptions of conservatives are all about forcing their morality on other people; but a liberal does not force his morality on anyone, he just makes them do what is fair.

As long as we refer to conservative principles as morality and liberal principles as fairness, nobody notices that liberals too believe in forcing their morality on other people.

It's all in the characterization.