Wednesday, April 29, 2009

The Republicans should have shown Spector the door before he got through it

Okay, I'm still trying to figure out why anyone is surprised by Arlen Spector changing his party affiliation from Republican to Democrat. The real question was why he was a Republican in the first place.

And why are Republicans mad at him about it? They shouldn't be mad that he left; they should be mad that the Republican Party didn't kick him out before he got to the door.

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Lee said...

A friend of mine received a mailing from Michael Steele, Chairman of the GOP, complaining bitterly about this horrible betrayal, and concluding with a request for contributions to fight Spector and the libs.

Problem is, the GOP and Bush supported Spector when he received a very credible challenge from a conservative challenger -- angering conservatives. I was one of them.

So, here's what it boils dows to:

1. Conservatives were upset at Spector because he had, time and time again, betrayed conservative principles.

2. Republicans finally got upset at Spector when he betrayed the GOP. All those years of betraying conservatives got a free pass.

3. And the icing on the cake: conservatives are now supposed to be motivated to give money to the Republicans, to fight the betrayal.

4. Do Republicans have nerve, or what?