Tuesday, November 01, 2011

The Divine Plight of Kings

The Atlantic Wire reports that the nations of the British Commonwealth have voted that the succession to the British throne no longer privilege male descendants over females. An eldest son, in other words, should have no prior right to the throne over an eldest daughter--the reason being that primogeniture is an old-fashioned notion out of step with the times.

The restriction barring the heir to the throne from marrying a Catholic was also deemed inconsistent with modern sensibilities.

We're so glad we have people like this to bring the British monarchy into complete alignment with the modern world.

This made us think of other, similar articles we may be soon reading in the world media:

  • "Updating the operating system on your Royal manual typewriter"
  • "New apps for your rotary telephone";
  • "Outfitting your horse drawn buggy with air conditioning"
  • "The newest 8-track technology"
  • "How to sharpen the picture on your black and white television"
  • "Tips on how to take great Polaroid pictures"

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