Saturday, November 19, 2011

I are Not Home Skooled

With critics like this, how can home schooling lose? In the comments section of a column in the NY Times about homeschooling, a publicly schooled student expressed her opinion of home schooling in terms which speak to the shape in which public school is in:
In my opinion, i would never turn to home schooling. When you are home schooled, you automaticly loose the whole social experience of school. In the real world you need to be social. Otherwise you’re going to get know where. I understand that the learning education might be to an advantage while homeschooling because its all one on one and you are the only student reciveing all the help you need whenever you need it. I would never home school my child because I would be holding them back from friends and the social life they will need in the feature. I would never even consider home schooling. — Macie P. [emphasis added]
Let's see ... We've got a problem with capitalization of the first person singular pronoun, one word split into two, multiple spelling errors, sentence fragments, awkward phrasing, and hyphenated expressions without the hyphens.

All in one short paragraph. Maybe this is why home school students kick butt at all the spelling bees.

I'm trying to think of what kind of social life it is where it is not important to communicate. But then, if you're just getting together to share your ignorance, I guess it doesn't matter.


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Buford T. Justice said...

"... the shape in which public school is in:"

People in glass houses...

One ought to step lightly in writing grammar-flames of this sort. You for instance committed the sin & solecism of repeating the preposition "in" -- a goof usually not seen past high school.