Wednesday, November 02, 2011

Remember when personal character didn't matter for a president?

I'm trying to remember CNN devoting almost a whole evening to the allegations of sexual harassment against Bill Clinton as soon as they surfaced (like they did last night on the Herman Cain "sexual harassment" allegations), but I'm having trouble calling it to mind.

Must be my faulty memory.


KyCobb said...

You mean there were sexual allegations against Bill Clinton? You'd think if there had been, there would've been interminable reruns of him insisting he didn't have relations with that woman, a special prosecutor publishing a huge thick book with all the details, countless hours discussing an impeachment trial on talk radio and cable news, and lots of SNL skits.

Martin Cothran said...

Are you claiming that the media was right on it, like they have been with Cain?

KyCobb said...


Its been a long time. If you have a link to the details of how the Lewinsky story broke, I'd be happy to look. If the media didn't jump on the Clinton story as quickly as they did the Cain story, I'd remind you that there is a lot more cable news competition now than there was back then, and they sure made up for any paucity of initial coverage as the story continued to unfold. I have a hard time believing anyone could complain that there wasn't enough coverage of the Lewinsky scandal.

One Brow said...

I remeber all there were stories on Clintion's behavior in 1992, buring his campaign. Paula Jones was mentionaed prominently, among others.

Lee said...

If memory serves, Newsweek's Michael Isikoff (sp?) had the story on Clinton-Lewinsky in the can, sourced, vetted, and ready to roll.

But Newsweek's editors spiked it.

Aside from making Isikoff mad as hell, it had the result of handing the entire story to Matt Drudge, who was a complete no-name until the scandal broke. So the liberal mainstream media has only itself to blame for making Drudge the go-to guy when you want to know what's really happening, without the liberal filter.