Thursday, November 03, 2011

Gov. Steve Beshear, in the lotus position

If you've been in the state Capitol building in Frankfort recently and thought you heard sitar music wafting out of the governor's office, now you know why. This is a picture of Gov. Steve Beshear, participating in a Hindu "ground blessing" ceremony. Yes, that is him there, second from the right, sitting in the lotus position, probably praying that he will someday be reincarnated as a real governor.

He apparently feels so comfortable with his lead in the polls going into next Tuesday that he considers himself untouchable. And it's a good thing for him. I mean, if he got beat, what would he do? Go sell flowers on the street corner?

But just imagine being First Lady Jane, who'll now have to cremate herself on Steve's funeral pyre when he dies. Bummer.

Now we know why the governor wanted to change the state's Christmas tree to a "Holiday" tree.


KyCobb said...

He'll make up for it when he cuts the ribbon at the "Ark Park."

Art said...

David Williams' Aqua Buddah moment.

File this under "just when you thought politicians couldn't get dumber ...".

KyCobb said...

David Williams is desperate because his poll numbers stink. Even among conservatives, he barely outpolls Beshear 47%-40%, and he has the support of only 58% of Republicans.

Singring said...

Isn't it amazing how Martin ridicules atheists for being overly sensitive when it comes to religious commands in state legislation, but then only a day or two days later blows a gasket when the governor from that same state participates in a Hindu ceremony and goes full paranoia about said politician being a covert Hindu?

Just imagine what would happen if that Kentucky homeland security law stressed 'the dependence on Supreme Vishnu as being vital to the security of the Commonwealth'.

Martin, you're the world champion in baking yourself one huge cake and then sitting down to eat it, too. You're not even trying to give an appearance of being principled in these matters.