Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Gays hating the gay haters

Here is Chris Hartman, director of the "Fairness" Campaign, in a much calmer mood than when I last saw him stomping around the hallway of the State Capitol, pointing his finger in the face of Family Foundation policy analyst Andrew Walker and trying to intimidate him after the faux bullying bill was defeated in committee last session. He's representing "Straight against Hate."

I'm wondering why, with Hartman heading it up, they didn't call it something like "Cracking Heads against Hate," or "Giving Haters a Knuckle Sandwich," or maybe just "Hating the Haters."

"Hate" is a term gay leaders affix to people who disagree with them on issues like same-sex marriage, making them perpetrators of precisely what they claim to oppose.

Hartman talks about the "alphabet soup" of the gay community: "the LGBTQQI [pant, pant, sit down for a moment, take a breather, stand up, continue...] ...AAPH community ..." He then points out that "We'll never probably be a majority of the population ..."

Oh, I don't know. If they continue adding to that acronym, won't it eventually include everyone?

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