Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Your moment of political clarity

Paul Greenburg on Obama's rapid evolution on same-sex marriage--not to mention the 24/7 gay rights messages coming across our telescreens:
But let us be thankful for any moment of clarity in politics even if it's only a moment. Ever since the love that dare not speak its name became the love that just won't shut up, what used to be a taboo has become a real yawner.
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One Brow said...

From your link:

If the court had just left the abortion issue up to the states, the country might have been spared all these past, divisive decades of agonizing over a great moral issue, maybe the moral issue, of our times.

Much like when slavery was left up to the states, it avoided past, divise decades of agonizing over a great moral issue.

KyCobb said...

"This country has 50 different laboratories of democracy; why not let them work out this innovation in the law for themselves -- instead of imposing a new definition of marriage on the whole, varied country like a one-size-fits-all straitjacket?"

That certainly isn't the position of the GOP, which is defending DOMA and wants to impose a definition of marriage on the nation via a constitutional amendment.