Monday, May 14, 2012

Why is the CJ ignoring gay hate speech?

The Courier-Journal reports that Chris Hartman, director of the Fairness Alliance, is criticizing Rand Paul for being insensitive toward gays in his remarks responding to Obama's announcement that he supports gay marriage.

Gosh, I hope this doesn't make Hartman angry. I mean, the last time he did he went haywire and started yelling and accusing people of promoting violence against children. Of course, the CJ didn't mention that, did they?

Now, I'm digging around in my records here to see when the last time the CJ did a story on the increasingly hateful rhetoric of gays. Let's see, where's that story they did on gays calling religious people "bigots"? I could have sworn it was here somewhere.

Hmmm. And didn't I see them print something about Jake Payne calling Christians "mouthbreathers" almost every day at his blog Page One Kentucky? Shoot, I can't find it. Oooh. Well, wouldn't you know. He did it again today. I'm sure CJ reporter James Carroll is on it.

And I just know that they wrote something up about Mary Lou Marzian calling the people who opposed her gay rights bill disguised as a bullying bill "homophobic." I just know it.

But for some reason, I just can't lay my hands on them. I wonder why?

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