Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Catholic college targeted by Tolerance Police

In the wake of their failure to get Mark Regnerus censured for his study finding potential problems with same-sex parenting, gay rights activists are now going after a Catholic college for having a social work course on deviant behavior that includes homosexuality.

"Zuch zings are verboten unt must be ztopped," seems to be the view of the Tolerance Police.

A month or two ago, a gay blogger had complained about Regnerus after the release of his study, resulting in an investigation by the University of Texas administration. But after a bit of deliberation (and hopefully a crisis of conscience) the study found no scientific or personal misconduct. Still a precedent had been set for anyone who would dare to question the Approved Opinions on such issues: be prepared to be professionally and personally attacked.

Where are the alarmist voices of the science lobby who are always warning us of the corruptive influence of politics on science? They are too busy talking about the "Republican War on Science."

Now the goosestepping is being heard at the University of Stuebenville, which is facing "questions from the group that accredits its social work program." In other words, if you disgree with the Cultural Authorities, they'll unlock the rack of political truncheons and pay you a little visit.

This is, of course, a Catholic school that is only teaching according to the doctrines of the Church, a thing for which there is apparently little room in the Brave New World of tolerance and diversity.

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Anonymous said...

Godwin's law strikes again.