Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Does the RNC think Todd Akin is worse than pro-abortion Republican candidates?

The Republican National Committee has pulled support and money from Missourie Republican Senate candidate Todd Aikin for stupid (but not malicious) remarks about how a woman's body responds during rape, comments he has apologized for. But the RNC has supported--in financial and other ways--pro-abortion Republican candidates repeatedly over the years, including Lincoln Chafee, Arlen Spector, and Dede Scozzafava.

If the RNC is so all fire concerned about their candidates having the right attitude on abortion, why do they continue to support pro-abortion candidates?


Lee said...

We have two liberal, free-spending, drunk-with-power political parties. But one of them has to pretend to be otherwise on election day because they drew the short straw and have to scrounge votes among those who don't like liberals, free spenders, or power-drunk politicians.

But the news media provides some cover for them, so they don't have to be all *that* conservative. Just enough to lie convincingly every other October.

Lee said...

I'd like to add something. Every political movement has three types of people:

1. Saints.
2. Useful idiots.
3. Players.

The Saints are the ones who stand conspicuously and bravely for the Cause. Or are portrayed as such by the Players. Sometimes they are the ones who die for it, either metaphorically or bodily. They are an inspiration to their party. The Nazis had Horst Wessel. The Democrats have scores of people. The Republicans have only Ronnie. No political party can function without a few highly celebrated Saints.

The Useful Idiots, also called True Believers, are the dutiful ones who man the booths, lick the stamps, make the calls, invest their faith in their political cause. They believe the Myth. No political party can function without the active participation of an army of Useful Idiots.

The Players are the organization people, the backroom deal-makers, the power brokers. They are reptiles. No beliefs to speak of. No ideals to live up to. And they are pretty much indistinguishable from their counterparts in the opposition. Lee Atwater was hated by Democrats and James Carville by Republicans, but had they switched sides, so would the hatred.

By some strange quirk of human nature, the Players always wind up in charge of the party. This is in accordance with Jerry Pournelle's Iron Law of Bureaucracy, which states that every organization contains people who work for the cause and people who work for the organization, and without exception it is the latter who always wind up in charge.

IMO, the Republican Party has all but purged the Saints. That's why they have to keep invoking the memory of Reagan. It's a party of Players vs. Player-wannabes. It's gotten so cynical that many of their Useful Idiots have wised up and joined the Tea Party.

And that's why Romney is struggling just a bit. He's somewhat hard to read, as well. Seems too pure to be a Player, too non-ideological to be a Saint, and too smart to be a Useful Idiot.

Lee said...

Once I was a Useful Idiot. As John Lennon said, it took me so long to find out. But I found out.