Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Anthony Esolen's new version of the Constitution

Clearly our Constitution is obsolete. All it does is restrict courts from making the political decisions they want to make. So, instead of having judges pretend they are complying with the Constitution when they know they are actually subverting it, how about some new lanaguage?

Anthony Esolen has just the thing:
We the People of the United States of America, to relieve ourselves of the burdens of virtue and the nuisance of self-government, and to secure the blessings that flow from the collective and the isolated individual, do establish this Constitution. 
There shall be a Supreme Court of the United States, composed of nine lawyers. All cultural questions shall be submitted to their purview, and shall be decided according to their predilections.
For the purposes of this Constitution, “the people” shall be construed as a mass of individuals, without any other political standing but that which is granted to them by their participation in the electoral process.
The Supreme Court shall be charged with expunging all religious language, imagery, allusion, reasoning, and custom from every civic space, at the level of the nation, the state, the county, the municipality, and the school. “Freedom of religion” shall signify the national government’s permission, under conditions conducing to peace and order as construed by the government, for individuals to enter houses of worship and engage in activities that have no bearing on anything of importance in political life.
All civically expressed customs regarding the sexes individually and their relationship with one another shall be overridden, at the decision of the archons of the Supreme Court.
This Constitution decrees that men and women, as such, do not exist.

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KyCobb said...

Looks like poor Anthony is having himself a little hissy fit. And from his pov things are just going to get worse. Religious conservatives, nearly half of those over age 66, are only 17% of the 18-33 y.o. group. Religious progressives are 23% of 18-33 y.o.s. You haven't just lost the youth in general, you've even lost a majority of religious young people.

Lee said...

Nice to find a Constitution that actually fits our situation.

Lee said...

Today's 35-year-old conservatives were once bubble-headed 18-year-old liberals.

Martin Cothran said...


So you're not even going to take into consideration that people actually get more conservative as they get older or that they get more conservative after they get married or that they get more conservative when they have children?

I'd take a look at that static analysis of yours if I were you.

KyCobb said...


If you could find polls from earlier decades, I seriously doubt you would find that only 17% of 18-33 y.o.s considered themselves to be religious conservatives. But if you prove me wrong, I will concede the point.