Wednesday, July 03, 2013

Republicans abandoning their position on free market economics

In light of the sea change in the view of Americans away from free market economics as evidenced by the loss of Mitt Romney in the last presidential election and the passage of Obamacare, many Republicans are abandoning their position in defense of the free market. Others are bowing to the reality of the demise of market system on the federal level and trying to preserve it on a state-by-state basis.

Many national Republican Party leaders argue that the Party has to update its positions on economic issues in order to remain competitive in national elections and that taking hard line positions on issues like economic freedom is a political liability. "We are going to have to reach out to socialists and welfare advocates, particularly among minority voters," says one party official. "The Republican Party cannot be pigeon-holed as the party opposed to big government. We've got to ..."

... Uh, hold on. Let me check something. Wait, it’s not free market economics that Republicans are abandoning; it’s their position on traditional marriage they are caving on because of the recent Supreme Court decision and polls showing same-sex marriage to be more popular than it was just ten years ago.

Turns out they still hold staunchly to free market economics and always will no matter how unpopular it may become because they've got a backbone of steel when it comes to their long held political principles. They will never, ever give in on that. Ever.



Lee said...

> Wait, it’s not free market economics that Republicans are abandoning;

Depends on whether you mean lip service or policy.

KyCobb said...

Well, Obamacare is the free market alternative to single payer. It was originally conceived by Republicans and enacted into law by Republicans. It didn't become an evil marxist scheme to destroy America until 2009. Anyway everyone still believes in capitalism, whereas in 20 years almost no-one will remember why there was such a fuss about ssm; most of the opponents will be dead by then.