Friday, July 26, 2013

Kalb Speaks: "Out of the Antiworld"

From James Kalb's new article in Modern Age:
For all the talk of diversity, today's politics are extraordinarily uniform. The West lives under a single political regime, managerial liberalism, that combines an emphasis on individual choice and democratic values with domination of social life by experts, functionaries, and commercial interests. The liberal and managerial aspects of the system seem at odds with each other, but both are basic, and together they have led to the suppression of many things that have always been fundamental to human society--religion, cultural particularity, even the distinction between the sexes. 
...Why the uniform insistence on such an odd political orthodoxy in an age that supposedly believes in freedom, diversity, and reason?
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Old Rebel said...

That's a very valid point. The greatest totalitarian threat today comes from the apostles of "toleration." They theatrically embrace every shade of perversion and rejection of tradition, but will shriek in terror at those who dare think differently from them.