Wednesday, July 31, 2013

NEWS FLASH: Pope Francis endorses Catholicism

The media suffers from Pope Envy Syndrome (PES).

The press is having another of its Pope Francis Spasms in which they listen carefully to what the pope says, try to see if there is any way they stretch what he says to make it sound like he agrees with them, and then announce that he has endorsed one of their Approved Opinions.

And what better belief to make it sound like the pope agrees with you on than gay rights? Homosexuality is the Chief Dogma of the Secular Creed. One must believe that there men and women are interchangeable for purposes of social and sexual interaction. Of course, this dogma is grounded, as are all the beliefs of secularism, in hard scientific evidence.

Just look at the studies.

Why there's that study out of the University of ... hmmm, where is that study? Well, how about the research from that country somewhere, the name of which I can't remember?

Well, shoot, surely there's some study from Sweden that proves this.

Why is it, anyway, that the secular world seems to in need of the pope's credibility? Why do they seem so Hell-bent on trying to make it sound like the pope agrees with them?

Of course, all Francis did was basically take 2 cups of "hate the sin, love the sinner," mixed it with a teaspoon of "all have sinned and fallen short of the glory of God," and microwaved it for about a minute. The press then give it a taste and announce that it was made of ingredients no pope has ever used before.

In fact, he wasn't even talking specifically about gay priests.

The narrative is that this pope is completely different than all previous Popes: He loves the poor; he loves sinners; he actually cares; etc, etc. Things that no other pope has ever done, since all Francis' predecessors hated the poor and the sinners and never cared.

I mean, of all the things for Francis to be, you'd think he could find something else to do than to be ... I don't know, ... Catholic.

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Reta said...

Martin I'm enjoying your blog I've put it on my Favorites list. If I may I'd like to weigh in on Pope Francis' selection for head of the Vatican Bank. Even though Msgr. Battista Ricca may have overcome his proclivity for homosexual acting out and been forgiven....being a homosexual isn't just about sex, per se. Homosexuals suffer from a disorder that affects their judgment as well. Ergo: it's too bad Pope Francis wanted to back up his statement non judgment of him by appointing him to such a critical position in our Church.

Although Msgr Ricca may well have overcome his same sex disorder, he may have other issues to deal with in trying to make proper decisions on the complex issues of running the Vatican Bank.