Tuesday, February 18, 2014

My atheists are better than your atheists

One of the best moments I have had in a while was to wake up this morning to a post by several of the atheists who frequent my blog and who harass me on a regular basis.

Last night I spent some time in the comments section at P.Z. Myers' blog, after a post pronouncing a malediction on me and all my works, dealing with people whose idea of intelligent conversation consists primarily of the hurling of epithets and insults.

If you've ever been to Myers' blog and read the comments there, you'll know what I mean. The average post is written by some anonymous person who responds to anything you say they disagree with by calling you names, telling you you are an imbecile, and questioning your worth as a human being. If you spend any amount of time there you just get depressed. It's literally impossible to have an intelligent conversation. You feel almost soiled by the whole thing.

So after getting my fill of that and going to bed last night, I wake up this morning to Singring, a German scientist, bashing me about claiming that I do not support Intelligent Design and offering reasons why a person would conclude that I did. He's wrong of course (he usually is, God bless him), but the important thing is that he offered evidence for his position and gave a reason why he thought I was wrong. He does this all the time and he does it pretty darn well.

And then Art, a UK scientist and another detractor, posted, using a word whose use I had condemned just last week, to describe me, employing actual wit (something completely absent at Myers blog) at my expense.

There were a couple others.

As soon as I finished reading these comments, I stood up from the chair I was sitting in and raised my hands in the air and shouted, "Yes!!!" I danced around my living room. I opened the back door and ran out onto the grassy hill in my back yard that is surrounded by Austrian hills, opened my arms and spun around singing, "The Hills are Alive ..." I found some old firecrackers and set them off.

It makes me proud of the atheists on my blog. And saying this gives me extra added pleasure, knowing that my saying it will really bug the heck out of them, and will rile them up for even more invective--invective that actually has some thought behind it.

Life is good.

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