Saturday, February 15, 2014

The reaction to Ellen Paige's announcement that she is gay

Actress Ellen Paige announced yesterday to a crowded Las Vegas conference hall that she was gay. Paige said she had "suffered for years, because I was scared to be out."

Of course, she had good reason to be scared, given the reaction of the Las Vegas crowd. Her announcement was greeted with insults and derisive catcalls from the crowd. Several members of the audience were taken out of the room by security police after they threw things onto the stage.

This is just one more incident that demonstrates the widespread homophobia in this country and the need for laws that protect gays from ...

... Wait a minute. Hang on. Now that I have read this story more carefully, I guess I need to clarify a few things.

As it turns out, Paige's announcement was loudly cheered by the crowd and that media reports were universally and lavishly glowing and that if there was anything thrown on stage, it would have been flowers. It also turns out that this happens virtually any time anyone announces he or she is gay anytime, anywhere, without exception and that if people aren't particularly excited about someone's announcement that he or she is gay they politely keep it to themselves and don't bother anyone and that negative public reactions to such news are virtually nonexistent.



KyCobb said...

No, instead they sponsor laws to make it legal for anyone, including hospitals, law enforcement, firefighters, etc. to refuse to do their jobs in order to discriminate against homosexuals.

One Brow said...

It is naive in the extreme to think that, in announcing she is gay, Page has not diminished her career prospects. She is being cheered in part for that reason.