Thursday, February 27, 2014

"We shouldn't have to babysit the Attorney General" on the marriage case


LEXINGTON, KY—"We shouldn't have to babysit the state's Attorney General in order to make sure he does his job," said Martin Cothran, senior policy analyst with The Family Foundation. Cothran had criticized Attorney General Jack Conway for spiking the case defending Kentucky's marriage law after it declined yesterday to file a stay after being asked by a judge.

The stay was filed this morning at the eleventh hour and an hour and seven minutes after Cothran's organization issued the criticism.

"The Attorney General was clearly not intending to do his job. It only did what it was supposed to do after someone shed light on the fact that he was about to take one more action that favored those who are trying to disenfranchise Kentucky voters on the issue of marriage."

"We need an attorney general who is going to fight for the rights of Kentucky voters against judges who are trying to take important issues out of the democratic process, not someone who is helping the other side by dragging his feet.”

Cothran had criticized the Attorney General earlier in the morning for intentionally not putting forward the best case for the law.


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