Monday, February 09, 2015

Is measles an existential threat?

Head of the Centers for Disease Control Tom Frieden has come out against the media hysteria in response to some parents who do not want to vaccinate their children:
"While the dangers we face may be more numerous and varied, they are not of the existential nature we confronted during the polio epidemic or during the Spanish Flu of 1918. We cannot afford to be buffeted by alarmism in a nearly instantaneous news cycle."
It is so refreshing to hear common sense from Obama administration officials in the midst of all of the piling on of the mainstream media on parents who ... Um, hang on here. I'd better check my facts first ... Let's see ... um, okay. Let me correct myself.

Actually this wasn't the head of the CDC talking about vaccination, but National Security Advisor Susan Rice talking about ISIS. And it was not the polio and Spanish flu epidemics she referred to, but World War II and the Cold War.

Other than that, the quote above is entirely accurate.

Never mind.

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Anonymous said...

The measles outbreak is because of a You Tube video.