Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Press Release: Privacy and safety should trump gender politics in schools

Yesterday's press release from The Family Foundation:

FEBRUARY 24, 2015

LEXINGTON, KY--"Schools facilities policies should be made on the basis of privacy and safety, not on the latest fashion in gender politics," said a spokesman for the Family Foundation in response to the passage of SB 76 by a State Senate committee late today. The Senate heard student testimony in favor of the bill, after hearing testimony from a student against the bill last Thursday.

The bill passed by the Senate Education Committee today which would prohibit schools from setting facilities policies that endanger student privacy and safety will give constructive guidance to schools if passed by the House, said Martin Cothran, spokesman for the group.

"Parents don't want their kids showering with students of the opposite biological sex at school," said Cothran. "Unfortunately there are school officials now bowing to the demands of special interest groups to open school restroom and locker room facilities to students of differing biological genders."

Cothran said such policies not only threaten the privacy of students, but endanger the safety of students who think they are of a different gender than their biological sex. "Sending biological males into the girl's bathroom and biological females into the boy's bathroom may accomplish a lot of things, but we don't think safety is one of them."

SB 76 would require that access to school bathroom and locker room facilities be based on biological sex rather than "gender identity." Students identifying themselves as being a gender other than their biological gender would be provided with the best available other facility, including unisex bathrooms or faculty facilities where they would be safe.


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