Monday, February 16, 2015

Kentucky falling behind on charter schools

When it comes to Common Core or Obamacare, Kentucky's supposedly "progressive" policymakers want to be ahead of nation. But when it comes to the hottest thing in education it is bringing up the rear.

As of last year, Kentucky was one of only a handful of states with no charter school law. While Kentucky dawdles, more students are attending charter schools than ever before and the number is rising:
America’s enthusiasm for charter schools continues to grow, with nearly 3 million American schoolchildren attending one of 6,700 charters rather than traditional public schools. 
That’s an increase of 348,000 over last year, a surge of a whopping 14 percent from the 2013-14 school year, when charter enrollment rose by 288,000. 
With about 50 million children enrolled in public schools, that means nearly 6 percent of all public schoolchildren are in charters rather than traditional schools, and that proportion could reach 10 percent in just a few years.
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