Friday, February 27, 2015

The Gender Ideology Emperor Who Has No Clothes

Rod Dreher at the American Conservative today takes on the increasingly absurd gender ideology that dominates the popular culture and which has mesmerized otherwise intelligent people. Remarking on an article in The Weekly Standard about the triumph of this ideology among the cultural elite, Dreher says:
Future historians, I think, will look back on this decadent period as a time when our civilization lost its mind. But there’s a long way to go yet, and more disorder to introduce. Charlotte Allen, writing on “the transgender triumph,” explores how transgender activists have so co-opted the political and media class that any discussion, even among scientists and academics, of transgenderism that contradicts their preferred narrative is stigmatized, and even turned into a career-ender. As Allen documents, to contradict the activists, even if one is a transgender oneself, is to invite vicious, relentless attack. 
As I have pointed out before, we are all now under the obligation to nod obediently every time gay rights and transgender activists invent a new gender category, which seems to happen now on an almost weekly basis. limited only by the constraints of the English alphabet.

Where are all those people who regularly complain about the politicization of science when the gender ideology mavens create some new gender category and claim it has scientific justification? Where are the people who take each religious belief into their laboratories, boiling it over a low flame to see if it passes scientific muster? Where are the scientific skeptics to vet the increasingly preposterous claims of gender politics?

They are the ones in the audience, cheering as the Emperor displays his new clothes.

I will comment on the Weekly Standard piece this weekend, but hats off to Dreher, who is one of the few conservatives ... well, who are actually conservative for one thing, but who seems to possess the masculine equipment to point out how completely ridiculous all of this nonsense is.


Old Rebel said...

The spirit of Lysenko lives on. Science, like every other aspect of our lives, must conform to ideology rather than reality.

Anonymous said...

There are probably true cases of genetic transgenderism, but, remember all the "phases" our kids, as well as us as kids, went through? Welcome to phaseism as a civil right. After all, only the state can judge anymore.